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Sino-US trade war
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In August, at the time of the Sino-US trade war, Tyco officially issued a notice to increase the tariff on American-made connectors by 25%.

This trade war will inevitably lead to a re-adjustment of agent prices nationwide. How will the market change in the face of high tariffs? The terminal harness factory will face new challenges, and thousands of spot dealers and traders in the industry will follow the market test.

Over the past 30 years, changes in international policies, China's opening up, and technology, ideas, ideas, and management have reshuffled the entire economy. We look forward to a better relationship between China and the United States. I hope that China's manufacturing industry will better develop core technologies. I believe today. It is not the most difficult, and the difficult days will always pass. Chinese manufacturing companies can have the courage and strength to deal with the future storms.

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