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Welcome to Kenuo.We hope the following information willassist you to gain further understanding of KN's operations.We also welcome your inquiries via mail.thank you very much for your support and interest.

*Company information
Kenuo(HK)Co.,ltd was found in 2006 and register in 2018 at HK.we specializes in the sourcing and supply of obsolete and currently available.

electronic components.we have several years of development and excellence in service.we enjoy a good reputation bothat home and abroad.Kenuo dealing specially with sales and service of semi-conducting electronic components manufactured more by more than 10 manufacturers around the world including:
IC:TI,AD,Atmel,NXP,ON FSC,Vishay,Samsung,ST.
Capacitance/resistance:Samsung,Yageo,Murata,TDK,Walsin,AVX,Kemet,Royal,We have good stock about it.

In our service,Kenuo has never strayed from its adherence to its core corporate values of"Trust,Porfessionalism,and Sustainability",KN will continue its quest to improve service quality and to porvide our clients"A+SERVICE"and
also with our suppliers together to expand our market share.

*Kenuo's Core Value
Clients are the lifeblood of any business,therefore,the existence of business is based upon the need adn trust of
its clients.Kenuo relentlessly pursues opportunities to raise clients'satisfaction levels and after years of effort,
Kenuo has already identified ist business core value of "offering quality service."From years of effort and investment in
both tangible and intangible assets,Kenuo not only wants to become a successful company in terms of financial performance,but also an"A+Service Comp


Kenuo Electronics (Hongkong) Co., Ltd.